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Ohio State Fair Fireball Crash
confidential sum

Ohio State Fair Fireball Crash caused a minor to sustain a severe and permanent head injury.

Mt Carmel Dr. Husel
confidential sum

Mt Carmel Dr. Husel

Elbow Fracture

Elbow fracture with resulting Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD).

$ 3,000,000

Client severely fractured leg when a driver drove off road and pinned the client’s leg to a concrete bus stop bench. The client’s leg required 13 surgeries.

$ 2,750,000

Open arm fracture and elbow dislocation necessitating many surgeries, including surgery to fuse elbow. Concussion, chronic pain.

$ 2,250,000

Motorcycle accident. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), with evacuation of subdural hematoma. Bilateral femur fractures, kneecap fracture, scapula fracture, shoulder dislocation and rotator cuff tear, pneumothorax (collapsed lung), abdominal injuries.

$ 1,538,441

Cervical spinal fractures and disc herniation with spinal fusion surgery. Traumatic brain injury (TBI), rib fracture, multiple lacerations and hematomas, post traumatic stress disorder.

$ 1,250,000

Severed urethra, rib fractures, sacral fracture ruptured spleen, liver perforation.

$ 1,000,000

Semi vs. motorcycle. Pelvic open-book fracture, abdominal injuries, head injury, brain contusion, facial lacerations, jaw fracture. Multiple surgeries, long-term care.

$ 725,000

Client’s legs were crushed when a faulty golf cart at Put-in Bay rolled over due to the golf cart company’s negligence.

$ 685,000

Lumbar spinal compression fracture, ACL tear, scarring.

$ 625,404

Lumbar disc protrusion. Lumbar discectomy and decompression surgery.

$ 605,000

Head injury, leg (tibia) fracture, cervical and thoracic spinous process fractures, low back pain.

$ 512,500

Parenchymal hemorraghes in the right parietal lobe as well as deep frontal white matter; and punctate hemmorrahages in the right frontal lobe (brain injury).

$ 505,000

Wrongful Death

$ 416,639

Lumbar disc bulge. Fusion surgery with iliac crest bone graft. $ 480,472 Traumatic brain injury (TBI).

$ 404,139

Decompression Laminectomy of L4-5; Bilateral decompression and foramintomy L4-5; Discectomy L4-t; Posterior lumbar interbody fusion with CAGE allograft, left illiac crest bone graft of the lumbar spine; revision of lumbar laminectomy with decompression at L4-5.

$ 400,000

Pedestrian in crosswalk. Leg fracture, foot fracture necessitating open reduction internal fixation surgery to implant hardware. Long-term care.

$ 350,000

Cervical disc herniation. Anterior cervical fusion surgery.

$ 300,000

Leg Fracture

$ 300,000

Back Surgery

$ 300,000

Bilateral patellar (knee cap) fractures. Surgical wire implantation.

$ 299,437

Surgical repair of multiple finger fractures. Hand laceration, shoulder sprain and elbow sprain.

$ 297,500

Left femur fracture, displaced and comminuted with shortening; left anterior cruciate ligament strain; concussion / headaches.

$ 297,500

Concussion, femur fracture with surgery.

$ 295,000

Spinal Fracture

$ 233,500

Anterior cervical diskectomy at C5-6; anterior resection of suprs; resection of posterior longitudinal ligament; interbody fusion of C5-6 and C6-7; Interbody fusion at C6-7; anterior plating from C5 to C7.

$ 215,000

Jeep rolled over and severely fractured a client’s ankle after a design defect falsely stated that the Jeep was in park.

$ 200,000

Client shattered leg as a passenger on a motorcycle when a vehicle hit the motorcycle and drove away.

$ 200,000

Lateral tibial plateau fracture (no surgery). Ankle fracture. Long-term care.

$ 200,000

Head injury, arm (humerus) fracture, shoulder (scapula) fracture, rib fractures.

$ 175,000

Tenant slipped and fell on uneven steps and severely injured shoulder requiring surgery.

$ 150,000

Distal radial and ulnar styloid (wrist) fracture. Open reduction internal fixation surgery.

$ 150,000

Foot Surgery

$ 148,705

Wrist fracture/dislocation, head injury. Open reduction internal fixation surgery.

$ 145,000

Lip laceration, scarring.

$ 137,500

Concussion, kidney hematoma, rib fracture, rotator cuff tear, neck and back pain, insomnia.

$ 120,000

Head contusion/hematoma, tooth fracture, phalanx (finger) chip fracture.

$ 115,000

Wrist fracture. External fixation surgery.

$ 109,000

Disc Herniation

$ 105,000

Knee Surgery

$ 100,000

Rotator cuff tear with surgery.

$ 100,000

Ulnar (elbow) fracture, multiple contusions and abrasions.

$ 100,000

Concussion in an intersection collision with disputed liability.

$ 100,000

Shoulder Surgery

$ 100,000

Elbow Surgery

$ 100,000

Ankle fracture.

$ 93,636

Left distal radius fracture; ulnar abutment syndrome; left ulnar neuropathy.

$ 92,500

Disc Herniation

$ 90,000

Client fractured humorous bone after being hit by a vehicle while walking through a Wendy’s parking lot.

$ 90,000

Products Liability; 3rd degree burn to leg with split thickness skin graft; post traumatic stress syndrome.

$ 90,000

Complex right distal tibia fracture.

$ 89,500

Metacarpal (hand) fracture.

$ 85,000

Head contusion, Lateral meniscus tear (knee). Arthroscopic knee surgery.

$ 80,000

Aggravation of previous back injury after slipping on a piece of clothes hangar at a department store.

$ 80,000

Forearm lacerations, tendon damage, forearm scarring.

$ 75,000

Soft tissue lower back strain in rear-end collision.

$ 70,000

Forehead laceration, knee pain, low back pain.

$ 70,000

Cervical, thoracic, lumbar strain/sprain with tempro mandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ).

$ 65,000

Fracture of the right 4th and 5th metacarpals (hand) and concussion.

$ 65,000

Neck and Back Strain.

$ 50,000

Vehicle struck by a truck that caused client to sustain cervical and lumbar strain and sprain, as well as shoulder strain and sprain.

$ 45,000

Neck Strain

$ 42,500

Automobile collision that caused client to sustain cervical, thoracic and lumbar strain and sprain. The client also suffered hand pain and knee swelling from the accident.

$ 42,500

Chest wall, rib contusion, neck, back, knee strain.

$ 38,000

Back Strain

$ 37,500

Concussion, foot, neck, back, knee sprain.

$ 35,000

Head injury, scalp laceration, knee, back strain.

$ 35,000

Soft tissue shoulder injury in rear-end collision.

$ 34,500

Abdominal contusion, neck, back strain.

$ 30,000

Loss of consciousness, neck, back strain.

$ 30,000

Soft tissue neck injury from illegal lane change.

$ 28,300

Automobile collision that caused client to sustain cervical, thoracic and lumbar strain and sprain.

$ 26,000

Neck and back strain.

$ 25,000

Neck, back strain, hip, leg, shoulder pain.

$ 25,000

Neck and back strain; shoulder contusion.

$ 24,000

Soft tissue neck injury from failure to yield the right of way at a stop sign.

$ 22,000

Knee, wrist, neck and back strain/sprain.

$ 20,500

Headaches, neck and back strain.

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