Can a Car Accident Lawyer Help in a Staged Accident?

Car Accident Lawyer Help in a Staged Accident

An at-fault party in an Ohio car accident may try to stage the accident to make it appear as if they were not at fault or as if they had sustained severe injuries. If they are successful in doing so, not only might they obtain a benefit to which they are not entitled, but your right to compensation for your injuries could also be compromised.

When you suspect that the information available about your car accident is not the truth, you should be concerned that the other party might be attempting to stage the accident. An experienced car accident lawyer in Ohio can determine whether this is happening and help you take steps to stop it.

Reasons Why Drivers Might Stage an Accident

There are numerous reasons why someone would go through the trouble to make the facts of an accident appear different than they truly are. The list of possible reasons includes the following:

  • The driver does not have insurance or resources to pay your claim
  • The driver sees an opportunity to enrich themselves at the expense of your rights
  • The driver wants to avoid facing criminal charges like DUI
  • The driver faces revocation of their license or disciplinary action from their employer

Whatever the reason that might motivate someone to falsify the facts of an accident, giving false information may be illegal and can harm the rights of innocent people. If you are the victim in this situation, it is absolutely essential that you take action immediately. 

The longer you wait after learning the other party staged your accident, the more difficult it will be to straighten the mess out.

How a Skilled Ohio Car Accident Lawyer Helps With a Staged Accident 

The first signs that the other party in your wreck is attempting to stage the accident might come from reading the accident report and noting inaccuracies. Or the insurance claim you submitted to the at-fault driver’s insurer might be rejected. When you first suspect that the at-fault driver is trying to stage your accident, contact an experienced Ohio car accident lawyer.

An Ohio car accident lawyer who knows what they are doing can help you unravel this tangled situation by:

Reviewing Your Car Accident Report

If you have not seen your car accident report, your attorney will obtain a copy and share it with you. One of the first steps you and your attorney will take is to carefully comb through the accident report and any supporting narratives, looking for inaccuracies. These will be the issues your car accident lawyer will need to investigate.

An experienced lawyer will not just rely on you to point out inaccuracies. Your attorney’s knowledge and experience with car wrecks can enable them to spot information that appears out of place in the report. Information that does not fit with the overall picture painted by the report might be false information that was planted or staged.

For example, a report documenting severe injuries or vehicle damage in a low-speed, head-on collision should be examined more closely. The other party may have staged such injuries so they could pursue greater compensation from your insurer.

Investigating Inaccuracies and Discrepancies

Once your car accident lawyer locates false or inaccurate information, the next step is for your attorney to gather evidence proving such information is not true. This can be a lengthy process, which is why having a knowledgeable car accident lawyer doing it can make a significant difference in resolving a staged accident.

There can be numerous physical documents that your attorney will need to collect to expose a staged accident. For example, the other party’s medical records and history would be relevant if their documented injuries appear suspicious. Receipts, repair bills, and billing statements can expose expenses the other party claimed but did not incur.

Individuals who witnessed or investigated your crash may also hold important information. If your accident is being staged to make it appear you were at fault, eyewitnesses could be the key to proving that the other party is to blame. 

In some cases, an expert witness may provide credible testimony showing your accident could not have happened the way the other party claims it did.

No matter the type of records pertinent to your case or the number of witnesses, this evidence must be located and preserved for later use. There are specific procedures for doing this, and a skilled lawyer will know what they are and how to comply with them.

Litigating a Staged Accident

Armed with information and evidence showing that the other party is attempting to stage your accident, this final step focuses on exposing the deception to insurers and the court, if necessary. If you cannot conclusively show that the accident, as reported, is staged, your ability to recover the relief to which you are entitled will be compromised.

It can be intimidating to go up against insurance companies’ lawyers who are determined not to pay your claim. It can be equally intimidating to have to defend your claim in court. 

In either case, with an Ohio car accident lawyer with you, you can be confident that the information you and your attorney uncovered will be used effectively to protect your interests.

The goal of presenting this information is to expose the fraud and have your claim adjudicated on the actual facts of your crash. A successful resolution could mean:

  • Your claim against the other driver’s insurance carrier is approved
  • Neither you nor your insurer have to pay compensation to the other driver
  • You are found not to be at fault and do not have points added to your license
  • The police do not issue you any traffic citation
  • You receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries

Getting to this point is neither easy nor swift, but entrusting an Ohio car accident lawyer to help you get here is well-advised. A lawyer with the skill and experience to tackle the many tasks needed to uncover and correct a staged accident can be a vital advocate in your case.

Having the Right Ohio Car Accident Lawyer Matters

Uncovering a staged accident and setting the record straight takes ingenuity and tenacity, as the process does not happen overnight. The more experience your attorney has with Ohio car accidents, the easier it will be for them to assist you in your case.

Schiff & Associates has the experience, knowledge, skill, and resources to help you in this complicated and time-sensitive situation. If you believe false information is keeping you from the compensation you deserve, there is no time to waste. Contact Schiff & Associates right away to discuss your case with our team.