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Broken Bones and Car Accidents

When broken bones result from car, truck, motorcycle, or pedestrian knockdown accidents, the medical ramifications can be much more complex than you might think. Motor vehicle accidents frequently lead to multiple fractures. Skull fractures, pelvic fractures, and sternum and rib fractures can be quite serious. Fractures to the collarbone, femur, neck, ankle, or radius and crushed vertebrae can be equally serious and painful injuries.


Who should pay?

Legal assistance from attorneys who specialize in personal injury cases can help you fully understand the medical costs associated with your injury and the damages you may be entitled to under the law. The party responsible for your injury may be liable for a range of costs related to your bone or skull fracture, including costs incurred due to medical complications. Many fractures can require hospitalization or emergency room care, surgery, extensive physical therapy, and medication or the purchase of medical equipment. Some can cause you to lose wages if you are unable to perform your job.

Broken bone and personal injury experience that you can trust.

At Scott W. Schiff & Associates in Columbus, Ohio, our goal is to carefully determine-and then secure for you-the full compensation you are entitled to due to your bone fracture or skull fracture. To establish the strongest possible case, we will consult medical specialists and medical economists. If you are an older client, we know your fracture may not heal as easily and that it could have long-term consequences for you, such as debilitating pain or permanent nerve and muscle damage. Whatever your age or type of fracture, you can rest assured that Scott and our personal injury attorneys will do their due diligence to calculate the full costs of your injury and solicit full compensation on your behalf.

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We hope you will consider speaking with us personally about your broken bone or fracture. Our personal injury lawyers offer free initial case evaluations and we represent you on a contingency basis, which means there will be no attorney costs or fees unless we successfully recover compensation.


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