Can a Truck Accident Attorney Help if a Blowout Damaged a Passing Vehicle?


When passing semitrucks and commercial vehicles on the highway, most people don’t pay much attention to their tires. However, these tires can pose a serious danger to other vehicles on the road.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), tire-related issues with cars and trucks caused over 660 fatalities in 2020 alone.

If a truck experiences a blowout, it can lead to severe damage, personal injuries, and even fatalities for passing vehicles.

While such incidents may seem like accidents, tire blowouts on commercial vehicles are not always random occurrences. Negligence by one or more parties can contribute to a truck’s tire blowout, making them liable for the resulting damages. In such cases, a truck accident attorney can evaluate the circumstances and help you seek financial compensation.

Conditions that Lead to Truck Tire Blowouts

A tire is at risk of blowout when a tire’s pressure is too low, causing it to flatten against the road surface. This increased friction generates heat inside the tire, weakening its structure and eventually resulting in a blowout.

Despite low air pressure, the remaining pressure within a truck’s tire is sufficient to send pieces of the tire’s structure flying, causing damage to nearby objects and individuals.

According to auto insurer Allstate, tire blowouts are more likely to occur while driving on the interstate at higher speeds.

Additionally, blowouts can be caused by traveling over rough road surfaces in need of repair or experiencing severe punctures. Overloaded trailers can also lead to the tires of the trailer exploding.

Key Questions Your Truck Accident Attorney Can Answer

Seeking immediate legal assistance from an experienced truck accident attorney after a blowout-related injury or vehicle damage is crucial for protecting your rights and pursuing rightful compensation. A truck accident attorney can dedicate their time, energy, and resources to evaluate vital questions regarding your case, such as:


  1. Why Did the Blowout Occur?

By considering factors such as debris left from the tire, truck or trailer maintenance records, and safety inspections, your attorney can determine the cause of the blowout. 

By identifying the factors that led to the blowout accident, your attorney can work to establish whether negligence was involved, potentially entitling you to compensation.

  1. Who Is Responsible for the Blowout?

Multiple parties may bear responsibility, in whole or in part, for the occurrence of the blowout. The truck driver, for example, could have neglected to conduct adequate inspections before hitting the road. 

If the driver failed to heed warning signs of low tire pressure or ignored other obvious danger signals, they could be held liable for damages. Employers of truck drivers can also be held accountable in such cases. 

Additionally, mechanics or professionals responsible for inspecting the truck and trailer might be found responsible. 

A mechanic, given their more advanced knowledge and experience, should recognize signs of wear and tear on the truck or its tires that might escape drivers or warehouse workers.

Furthermore, a loading company or warehouse could have overloaded the semi-trailer.  This could be considered negligent conduct, subjecting them to liability.  Especially if this resulted from inadequate supervision or a desire to overload the trailer to reduce expenses or for financial gain.

  1. What Compensation Can I Obtain?

Your truck accident attorney will review your car repair records and any required hospitalization to determine the appropriate compensation you should seek. Pursuing adequate compensation for all injuries is crucial to avoid financial vulnerability. 

With a thorough understanding of your injuries, a seasoned truck accident attorney can negotiate a settlement to secure fair compensation promptly. If a settlement cannot be reached, they will be prepared to take your claim to trial.

  1. Where Can I Find Evidence?

Filing a lawsuit requires evidence and witness testimony to substantiate your case. However, navigating the court process and knowing where to find the necessary evidence can be challenging. Your truck accident attorney can assist you by:

  • Deposing and subpoenaing eyewitnesses
  • Questioning individuals with relevant information
  • Utilizing legal tools like interrogatories and requests for production
  • Obtaining data from the truck’s onboard computer
  • Consulting outside experts. Their expertise in gathering evidence will save you time, money, and the burden of collecting evidence on your own.

A truck accident attorney can secure the evidence you need to appropriately demonstrate the circumstances of the blowout, which can save you both time and money.

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